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In order to enhance national disaster response capacities, the Indonesian Government (through its 5-years Mid-Term Development Plan RPJMN 2015-

2019) has committed to establish a National Network of six Humanitarian Response Facilities (Regional Logistics Hubs) in Indonesia to improve the agility, effectiveness and efficiency of emergency responses, and enhance government readiness to rapidly and effectively deploy response teams and equipment into affected are

A critical factor to significantly enhance the capacities to reach populations affected by disasters is to seamlessly integrate these facilities into emergency preparedness processes and maintaining a core focus on supporting disaster response operations.

The proposed facilities will modernize and upgrade Indonesia’s disaster preparedness and response capabilities.

The Regional Logistics Hubs project consists of five components :

1. Strategic Logistics Planning

2. Physical Facility Development

3. Systems Development and Process

4. Knowledge Sharing, and

5. Joint Operations and Handover.

6. Strategic Logistics Planning :


Planning is a critical element in emergency logistics preparedness, as it puts into place the logistics planning tools and methodologies needed to determine risk of, appropriately prepare for, and efficiently and effectively respond to disaster events.

Logistics planning is particularly important in Indonesia, given the wide range of disaster scenarios, the broad geographic spread, and the wide array of actors typically involved in disaster response.

To ensure adequate disaster-response preparation, the following logistics planning process will be followed :

Identify major disaster risks that each hub may need to respond to :

Review hazard profile and major disaster risks (including potential repetitiveness / impact to people living in those areas, and potential impact to key infrastructures) that each hub must be prepared for will help emergency response planners picture how the disaster scenarios look like and define what the emergency response will be.

Identify appropriate response modality(ies) that each hub needs to anticipate to :

The response modalities, at the early stages of an emergency, may be in-kind donations or Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) or, most probably, a sequenced combination of these.

Once a disaster strikes, determining the appropriate response modalities requires assessing local markets, commercial supply chains, and the state of infrastructure needed to support in-

kind, cash or electronic-funds transfers.

Develop a methodology to define a response catalogue and volume and use this to determine generic requirements needed to address major disaster risks in each hub.

For the cases where in-kind assistance will be required, determining what relief items and as far as emergency logisticians are concerned what response equipment will be needed to implement the emergency operations.

This step is key to determine which items / equipment should be pre-positioned so that it is immediately available in case of disaster.

Disaster-affected populations need a wide range of support, including search-and-rescue, food, potable water, medical care and shelter.

Of late, the provision of connectivity and electricity to power individual handheld devices have become equally important, and must also be considered when considering response options, stocks and equipment.

Identify other capacities needed for the response (particularly human resource capacity) in order to help the needs in maintaining minimum stocks in each hub and readiness during emergency deployment.


The objectives of this exercise are to (1) identify the response modalities (in-kind or financial assistance) to be rendered in the event of pre-

  • identified risks and potential large-scale emergencies; (2) develop tools for activation and delivery mechanisms which include human resources;
  • 3) develop a methodology to define a response catalogue and volume; and (4) use this methodology to determine the requirements needed to address each scenario in each hub.

    These tools can be utilised by disaster-response planners to improve the appropriateness, timeliness, and efficiency of humanitarian emergency response.

    Implementation Methodology

    Programmatic analysis is needed to develop response modalities including in-kind assistance (e.g. emergency food), and the potential for application of cash transfer programming / CVA in response and / or recovery phases.

    This analysis will be informed by :

  • Government response regulations (e.g. PERKA, IRBI, InaRISK, etc.);
  • Experiences with disasters in similar countries (e.g. WFP’s experience in the Philippines post-Haiyan, Nepal, etc.);
  • Potential caseloads per major risk and hub;
  • Government and NGO stock thresholds and resources;
  • Likely duration of assistance; and

    The availability of infrastructure and services necessary to implement the response.

    A key aspect of this will be the process by which market recovery (post-disaster) is regularly assessed to support a phased introduction of CVA.

    As preparedness for CVA, relevant line-ministries, technical clusters and agencies, and other stakeholders, will be engaged to determine the appropriate implementation mechanisms, including targeting, cash transfer value criteria and funds-

    transfer mechanisms. This will be consolidated into a Response Modality Plan. This plan will be applied to facilitate predictable, rapid and coordinated activation of modalities in alignment with government priorities in the event international assistance is required following a large-scale emergency.

    Technical agencies leading concerned National and International Clusters, international and regional agencies (IFRC Regional Depot, UNHRD, AHA Centre) will be approached to finalise parameters to determine the stock requirements (catalogue and quantity).

    These parameters will then be applied for each major risk / scenario and hub, based on number of people exposes to that risk (potential caseload), minimum stock requirements, and cluster responsibilities.

    Once the catalogue and quantity of stock requirements is determined, an inventory and mapping of existing supplies will be taken to determine the gap against estimated requirements.

    At the same time, identification of resource supports will be carried out to help determining the minimum resources needed to manage the stocks and ensure readiness for deployment.

    Role and Responsibilities :

    Under the direct supervision of the Head of Emergency Preparedness and Response of WFP Indonesia; and with the technical support of the Logistics and EPR Branches in Bangkok, the Consultant will carry out the following tasks :

    Key Accountabilities

    1.The identification of response options and stock requirements will include the following broad activities :

    2. Project Setup (source expert(s), determine budget requirements, develop timelines & coordinate with Project Manager for component 1)

    3. Identify stakeholders

    4. Establish committee that involves BNPB, WFP, and other critical stakeholders to provide advisory and technical assistance of the study process

    5. Review Literature (regulations, hazard / risk indexes, etc.)

    6. Site visit (selected locations, if required)

    7. Analyse, focus group discussions, interviews, benchmarking

    8. Model formulation

    9. Organise workshop to validate

    10. Write a final report

    11. Write a work-planning and follow-up strategy with the committee


    The overall exercise will be conducted for the duration of 4 months, starting early August to end of November 2019.

    Presumably, approximately 3.5 months will be required to setup the study, conduct the assessment up to organize a workshop, and half month to write the Final Report and Work-Planning strategy.

    Education :

    Advanced University degree in International & Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Risk Management or other field relevant to international development assistance, or First University Degree with additional years of related work experience and / or trainings / courses, with technical understanding on Logistic issues in emergency response.

    Desired Experiences :

    Minimum of ten years of postgraduate work experiences in Disaster Risk Management, Emergency Preparedness & Response, Disaster Risk Reduction, with additional experiences in Humanitarian Supply Chain.

    Design and implementation or involvement policy discussions and decisions related to Humanitarian relief programmes and / or response operations.

    Experience in facilitating large and complex discussion for strategic inputs and decisions

    Experience in working with the Government of Indonesia or deep understanding of the systems and structure of Government of Indonesia particularly the National Disaster Management Agency, including policies and regulations related to emergency response and preparedness.

    Experience in coordination, networking, and engagement with various stakeholders both at international and national level is a plus.

    Knowledge :

    Demonstrated understanding of Emergency Preparedness & Response or the humanitarian sector and coordination of humanitarian operations involving Government, Military and International agencies including both NGOs and commercial sector actors.

    Language : Fluency in both oral and written communication in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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